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Love Revolution

A Sailor Moon Music Video
Screen Shots

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21MB, .mov

AMV Author: Unknown
Song Artist: Two-Mix, "Love Revolution"
Size: 28,064KB
Format: QuickTime Movie (.mov)
(160wx120h - 277.60 seconds)

Preferred Viewers: QuickTime Movie Player (old or new)


The Video starts out slow, making you think: 'Oh, is it going to go on like this? Boring...' but then it picks up... It's a brilliant music video that deserves its own place on your hard drive. A lovely choice of japanese music, 'Love Revolution' (by Two-Mix), with a sensational collage of episode clips, movie clips, and still-pictures. They're all beautifully synchronized for a phenominal presentation!"

Rate: 4 (out of 5)


I'm currently in the process of re-creating this music video in a better, more timely format. This is an OLD music video from "Haruna's Homeroom". I downloaded it in and around 1996, so its format is not all that great. So, I'm thinking of changing that.

The re-creation process is near to null right now, as I have other duties to attend to. If you wish to take the job on yourself, please feel free to contact me for suggestions.

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